Basic Habitica python hooks for Taskwarrior
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Taskwarrior Habitica Hook

Add todo task on when task are added and complete task on when task added with taskwarrior are completed

What it does

  • Add task through Taskwarrior in Habitica
  • Update task added through Taskwarrior in Habitica

What it does not do

  • Add task in Taskwarrior added through Habitica

Install taskw

This updated version of the hooks require the taskw python package. It can be installed with pip: pip install taskw

Or using your system package manager. For example, on Ubuntu (and Ubuntu-ish) Linux: sudo apt install python-taskw

Install these hooks

Download and unzip files

unzip -d .

Copy files to ~/.task/hooks

mkdir -p ~/.task/hooks
cp -r taskwarrior-habitica-hooks-master ~/.task/hooks/habitica
ln -sf ~/.task/hooks/habitica/ ~/.task/hooks/
ln -sf ~/.task/hooks/habitica/ ~/.task/hooks/

Get your API Key and User Key on and add them to your taskwarrior config file (usually ~/.taskrc)

habitica.api_key = 'YOURAPIKEY'
habitica.api_user = 'YOURAPIUSERKEY'


Nothing specific, use command `task add` and `task done` edit Habitica.


Delete the hooks

rm ~/.task/hooks/ ~/.task/hooks/ ~/.task/hooks/habitica